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Meet Our Team


Karl leads our team of shavers and has been with Glacier Fur since 2008. He is also a part time Taxidermist which makes his knowledge from the other side of things very valuable. Karl helps make sure that all parts of the process run smoothly, and that quality work followed by production are high on the priority list. Karl can also turn, flesh and salt hides for our Retail customers. Karl is a native of Colorado, and is an avid hunter, fisherman, and family man. He was also one of the lucky ones to draw and have success at a Montana sheep permit. His ram picture can be found on our Wall of Fame at the tannery.


Justin is our next most experienced shaver. He joined the company in February 2014. Justin makes the highly skilled and physical job of shaving hides look easy. Justin also works in receiving, cleaning and mixing tanks, finish fur dressing, plus is also experienced at prepping hides for our retail customers. Justin also has carpentry skills which makes him very handy for upgrades. Justin is from California, and is an avid hunter, fisherman, and family man.


Cole, our third shaver started in October of 2013 as a finish fur dresser, moving over into the shaving chair in 2014. Cole is a well rounded employee as he is trained in not only shaving and fur dressing but receiving, cleaning and mixing tanks as well. Cole is also a native of Montana.


Dave has been here the longest of everyone at 30 plus years. Although his title is Fur Dresser, his job duties go far beyond that. He has worked for both of the two previous owners, Brad Borden and Bill Humenik, and now us. From the time an order is received to the shipment back to a customer, Dave follows it through every step. Dave is also a native of Montana, and is an avid hunter, fisherman, and family man. Several of Dave’s hunting and fishing pictures can also be found on our Wall of Fame.